The most prestigious design companies have chosen Matteo Nunziati to sign their new product collections, designed with the goal to be used in the most exclusive international interior design projects. In the years Matteo Nunziati selected companies to work with to constitute a team of excellence in the production of every single item of furniture for the home. To draw an industrial product it involves the knowledge of different aspects equally important, taste, style, aesthetic nature, a deep technical knowledge, a comparison of budgets to control the final cost and the most sophisticated marketing strategies. For this sector a crucial transparency and continuous dialogue with the customers is fundamental. Understanding, interpreting and translating with a personal language and effective vision, the ideas of each client, creating products that synthesize all elements with a deep value. Each product isn’t imagined individually but in continues incessant interaction with the other elements of the house and the context in which it is placed, trying to reach a synthesis of an exchange between the excellence of the product and the top interior design projects. Selection of the best Italian product design projects. For the complete portfolio please contact the studio.
Trevi - Molteni & C
Note - Molteni & C
Allure - Molteni & C
Breeze - Molteni & C
Class - Poliform
Moon - Flou - Natevo
New Bond - Flou - Natevo
Continuum Floor-standing mirror - Flou - Natevo
Continuum desk - Flou - Natevo
Continuum Coffee table - Flou - Natevo
Tekton - Flou - Natevo
Destill - Flou - Natevo
Saturno - Flou - Natevo
Solida - Flou - Natevo
Continuum - Flou - Natevo
Papier - Flou - Natevo
Marble Arch - Lema
Glance - Lema
Kaiwa - Lema
Sistema Selecta with Glance - Lema
Quadra - Fiam
Varesina - Fiam
Euthalia - Tonon
Libra collection - Tonon
Santos - Medea Lifestyle
Santos - Medea Lifestyle
Santos console - Medea Lifestyle
Greg chair - Medea Lifestyle
Litta coffee table - Medea Lifestyle
Litta bookcase - Medea Lifestyle
Litta low bookcase - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti storage - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti sideboard - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti bar cabinet - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti chest of drawers - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti tallboy - Medea Lifestyle
Visconti bedside - Medea Lifestyle
Greg bed - Medea Lifestyle
Greg bedside - Medea Lifestyle
Greg chest of drawers - Medea Lifestyle
Greg bench - Medea Lifestyle
Greg writing desk - Medea Lifestyle
Durini - Medea Lifestyle
Monti - Medea Lifestyle
Orfeo - Matteograssi
Dalì - Matteograssi
Jazz - Matteograssi
AXIS - Matteograssi
Equa - I 4 Mariani
Grid - I 4 Mariani
Kefa - I 4 Mariani
Elle - I 4 Mariani
Papier collection - I 4 Mariani
Kate - I 4 Mariani
Blade - I 4 Mariani
Chimera - I 4 Mariani
Materica - I 4 Mariani
Manta - I 4 Mariani
Ala - I 4 Mariani
Livis - Coro
Boomy - Coro
Sabal - Coro
Maze - Coro
Ovidio - Pacini & Cappellini
Cut and Kelly - Pacini & Cappellini
Alisei - Fontanaarte
Adubai - Fontanaarte
Ivory - Fontanaarte
Solaris - La Murrina
Squadra - Gruppo Martini Illuminazione
Mia - Teuco
Suit - Teuco
Fidia collection - Rapsel
Elle - Rapsel
Nami - Rapsel
Yume - Rapsel
Shade - Lualdi Porte
Lumiere - Lualdi Porte
Tesori - Cedit Ceramiche by Florim
Foxtrot - Listone Giordano
+ - (Plus Minus) - Listone Giordano
Eclipse - SCIC
Leaf - Schiavon