Italian Interior Design Get Fit City Club - Milano

Get Fit City Club Milan

Milan, Italy

GET FIT CITY CLUB MILANO is a project for a luxury wellness center in the heart of Milan, in Via Falcone, 100 meters from the Piazza Duomo considered one of the most exclusive Italian interior design projects for a wellness and spa center. The center of 2000 sqm is built on two levels and got extracted renovating an old bar of the area. The essential could be one of the distinctive signs of this project. One leaves the chaos of the confusing and noisy city where one looses itself to enter in an embracing and warm space which values every individual searching its beauty and serenity. Keeping this goal in mind we selected natural materials such as stone, ceramic, wood, leather and mosaic which got joined along a water way with particular studied lighting effects.

The lobby, covered in an exclusive ceramic, a product from Floor Gres, is characterized with big low pools which seem to float on light and which guide the visitor towards the corridor in the centre to the upper floor. On the sides of the big corridor there is a lounge illuminated by big hanging dome lights from Fontanaarte. On the walls you can discover the news or entertainment programs showing on LCD screens which are hidden by laquered glass panels. Comfortable modular couches offer some relaxing or chatting minutes. The bar which is laboured in palissander rose wood serves small platters or health drinks to get back to strength for the hectic daily city rhythms. Almost all the fitness rooms are single, each client can be counselled by a personal trainer who is suggesting and assisting the exercises. The stairs permits the access to the lower floor where are the changing rooms which are completely single and personal as well. Each client can occupy its own locker, shower, sink and even its own LCD screen, hidden in the mirror with a touch screen system allowing to choose its personal preferred program while you get ready, product from Rapsel. Still on the same floor level one can choose its personal wellness walk, between sauna, hydro massage, talasso therapy, massaging and relaxing rooms. Each setting got designed studying details, materials and lighting effects so one can disconnect from the daily stress and dive into a different sphere. The long corridor on the lower floor level is characterized by palissander rose wood doors (“Lumière”) illuminated from the profiles which got produced by Lualdi Porte. This space is leading on one side to the single changing rooms, which are studied almost as small hotel rooms, and on the other side it guides you to the pool area. The pool is completely covered in ceramic and mosaic material, while the border is of tempered glass. Entering this space you feel the effect of retrieving yourself in a sort of immense aquarium of the golden waters.