Best Design Exhibition Fiandre Architectural Surfaces Exhibition 2017

Fiandre architectural surfaces exhibition 2017

Matteo Nunziati’s concept translates the message of Fiandre into design through a spectacular complex of volumes that penetrate one another and intersect at a central point. The entire external envelope, freely inspired by Herzog & de Meuron’s VitraHaus, symbolises the link between Fiandre and Architecture. The long central corridor is its heart, dedicated to welcome and the extensive display of the new Eminent Wood Maximum large slabs. Various themed areas branch out from the centre of the corridor: two areas dedicated to Interior Design display a bathroom created with the exclusive Dark Marquinafrom Marmi Maximum and a living room setting dedicated entirely to the new MUSA+ series respectively; opposite the central walkway you can access the Design Your Slab area, the most recent innovation from Iris Ceramica Group in the field of the Customisation of ceramic surfaces starting from the individual slab. Furnishings finished with Fiandre surfaces, attention to details and moods studied in great depth to highlight new colours and finishes put the final touches on a presentation with extraordinary aesthetic impact for visitors.