Private Office Milan

200 sqm of top interior design solutions. The office is situated in one of the most innovative and growing fashion and design areas of the city, realized with technical and aesthetical avant-garde solutions. Each detail is carefully studied in a perfect way, from the skirting to the invisible ac-grills, from the smooth wall finish to the hidden light source, form the sophisticated sliding glass separations to the fragrance of the space.

Luxury Design Brand Showroom Pune

Matteo Nunziati signs the Interior Design project of the largest and most prestigious Multi Brand Design Showroom of India in Pune where some of the most prestigious international design brands like B&B Italia and Maxalto, Lema, Medea, Poggen Pohl, Poltrona Frau will showcase and sell their products.

Private Clinic Kuwait

Signature project of a private medical clinic of 1000 sqm in Kuwait City carried out with the finest and best interior design features by Matteo Nunziati.