Gruppo Martini Illuminazione

Squadra, the outdoor light, is an effective working instrument for the designer when particularly suggestive town settings need to be highlighted or more simply when it is necessary to illuminate architecture at night. With the choice of four different optics and three different light sources, outdoor spaces can be personalised and designed as wanted. The die-cast aluminium body made with an all-in-one bottom and a simple cover, minimises the points through which water can penetrate. Inside, the body is divided into two different parts that separate the electrification from the light source which reduces overheating of the fixture and simultaneously prolongs lamp life. Squadra – Outdoor lamp Martini has the solution for controlling light to design town settings, presenting its outdoor light fixture series Squadra, with the possibility of choosing out of four different optics and four different types of light source that give the designer maximum freedom of expression. The die-cast aluminium body, finished in anodised glazed powder paint to ensure a long life outdoors, tempered glass, super pure aluminium optics, stainless steel screws and integrated electric components, guarantee an IP65 protection level and an insulation class II. Changing the light source and maintenance are facilitated by the simple design of the fixuture that also makes for easy cleaning without having to alter the directional settings. By being able to mount Squadra on the wall with a steel bracket or with poles, this system is complete and suitable also for the most bizarre and extreme applications. Dimensions: L.46 x W.26 x H.11 (cm)

Lighting Design - Martini Squadra