“Kos” is a chair collection to respond to the necessities in particular of the receptive spaces, adapted for home and contract interior design. The padded chair, the armchair with armrests and the stool possess in the diversity of the use very similar aesthetic descriptions which allows to integrate them reciprocally in the ambiance. The drawing got inspired by the armchairs of the 30-ies and 40-ies in Italy. The proportions vary though and the shapes are simplified. The result is an essential product, but researched, in balance between the past and the contemporary times.


“Omnia” is an armchair destinated for home and contract interior design. This collection is a project in which the chair got realized separated from the armrests which can be chosen in alternating two different proposals, one of clean and essential lines, the other one more marked and moved. This solution permits the armchair to integrate itself in different and complementary spaces. The project was studied searching an effective mortise within the volumes to render the product defined and efficaciously from all points of observation. Subsequently the armchair is characterized by the oblique cut of the chair which is breaking the vertical lines of the armrests, smoothing and moving the shapes. The inspiration derives from the drawings of the chairs of the 40-ies in Italy, in particular from the researches from Giò Ponti.