Product Pacini Cappellini Ovidio


Pacini & Cappellini

We wanted to create a table where the powerful and poetic beauty of nature has been enhanced and amplified. The name is inspired by the Roman poet Ovid, who wrote the metamorphosis. The script was inspired by Bernini for the construction of his masterpiece Apollo and Daphne in which the nymph is transformed into a tree to escape from Apollo. This sculpture shows the power of nature in a sensual dance and dynamic man.
The idea was created by joining four strips of solid American walnut of 4cm thickness. We wanted to leave the side edges unfinished while the top is planed and finished with oil, thus enhancing the continuity and beauty of the design of the veins of the trunk, in this way you have created a contrast between the perfectly finished top and the edges that enhance the natural movement of the tree curves. For the legs was always used solid American walnut with edges finished at 45 degrees, in this way by changing the point of observation the legs appear as thin sheets and paining thickness while the perspective changes.