Trevi is a table that draws inspiration from the Baroque, the tops with overlapped convex areas, which recall the draperies loved by painters and architects of the seventeenth century. The structure is in peltro colored metal, while the tops are available in wood of eucalyptus and black oak.


The design of the Allure armchair designed for the top design firm Molteni&C. rose from the research of a Contemporary Classical. The idea of classical does not imply a citation or a repetition of classical elements but rather suggests an idea of balance and proportion. We studied the Empire style armchairs and the Italian chairs dated from the years between the two wars, particularly GiĆ² Ponti and Guglielmo Ulrich. These schemes were translated into a contemporary language. The result is a sinuous line, yet simple, refined, and even if discreet, characterized by subtle thicknesses and bold lines. The arms of the chair are in metal, resistant to wear and impact. The colors of the cover (leather or fabric) and the body can be accustomed to the space in which they are placed. The dimensions and finishes studied for Allure is designed for both households and common spaces of hotel suites and residences. Allure got published in the best international interior design magazines.


Matteo Nunziati made a strong mark at Salone 2013 with his Allure easy chair created for Molteni&C, considered leader among the best international interior design brands for home furniture. This year 2014 Matteo Nunziati presents Breeze, a compact sofa with an eye-catching line, an appropriate choice to furnish either small city homes or imposing public spaces such as lobbies of big international hotels. Several options for completely removable fabric or leather covers.