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Furniture collection

Medea – Mobilidea

This collection is a furnishing element line perfectly destinated to home and contract interior design solutions, inspired by the furniture typologies and aesthetics of the period between the two wars in Italy, it’s a well done fusion between historical research and market demand. We have thought up fine and essential furniture that could have a peculiar personality, we have summed the formal research to the technical skills of the company, trying to express this discrete richness through any details.

Trim – Desk
Writing desk structure in wood with folded details. Pull-out drawers pen tray. Top shelf in wood.
Dimensions: L.145 x W.72 x H.77 (cm)

Block – Coffe table
Square coffe table in wood with “folded” wood details. Drawers with push-pull mechanism.
Dimensions: L.100 x W.100 x H.30 (cm)

Cervantes – desk
Writing desk in folded wood. Top with central leather insert and wooden pen holder.
Four drawers and door wing with internal wood shelves.
Dimensions: L.180 x W.80 x H.77 (cm)

Slice – Display cabinet
Display cabinet with structure in folded wood. Display case with grey smoked glass door. Interior shelves in clear glass. Side compartment with push-pull door in wood. Interior shelves in wood.
Dimensions: L.82 x W.42 x H.190 (cm)

Highblock – Sideboard
Folded wood sideboard. Push-pull doors and drawers. Top and frontal drawers with laquered glass.
Dimensions: L.220 x W.50 x H.100 (cm)

Santos – Table
Table in folded wood. Legs in shiny dark folded steel.
Dimensions: L.220 x W.100 x H.76 (cm)

Node – Table
Table with central legs in “folded” wood. Shelf in glass or marble brushed “biancone” (off-white) with anti-stain treatment.
Dimensions: L.210 x W.100 x H.75 (cm)