Product Design - Mariani Blade


I 4 Mariani

The model BLADE is available in a many different combinations and finishing all using three main materials:
- Saddle leather (final code CC). The saddle leather, belonging to the other finishing chosen, is applied to melamine coated panels available in the following finishing:
black, linen, white oak or grey oak. In all these cases panels have a thickness variable according to the use.
- Wood (final code ES) similar to oak with finishing available in natural oak or dark brown oak. The wood is always veneered to particleboard panels of variable thickness, in accordance with the use.
- Melamine (final code NO). Available in the version melamine white oak, grey oak or with linen finishing only for the frames of the cabinets. For the drawers and the doors either for the pedestals nor for the high and low cabinets, it is available also the finishing in acid green melamine.
Thanks to the versatile material options Blade suits any office interior design level from the executive to the standard level.