The new container Equa has been inspired by the works of Carlo Scarpa and his ability to combine different materials such as metal, concrete wood and glass balancing them through each other with details designed to perfection. This cupboard has the top covered in stitched leather with contrasting sides, metal handle and feet and wooden doors. All these materials are a balance through the proportions and attention to the details. A middle-class and a sophisticated design although in absolute contemporaneity.


The Grid bookcase is inspired by the work of the painter Paul Klee, who has created balanced and refined artwork through geometric decoration. The simplicity of the cabinet frame is enriched from the painted metal sides with a special laser pantograph pattern, reproducing a contemporary decorative design.


The new Kefa series is inspired by the work of the Italian architect Giuseppe Terragni, the father of Italian Rationalism and active between the 30’s and 40’s of the twentieth century. Terragni called his architecture “clear, elementary and perfect”. The new Kefa office are characterized by immense suspended volumes that intersect each other. The lines are basic but thanks to the important dimension, the imposing forms, the attention for the details and the careful selection of the materials such as leather, wood and metal, each complement acquires a richness and a unique exclusivity. The result is a contemporary and innovative style, at the same time elegant and bourgeois.


It brings with it an innate elegance and charm. “ Elle “ looks like this in all its essential and light beauty. The new library designed by Matteo Nunziati for 4 Mariani points to the versatility: a piece of furniture suitable for any room in the house and that can be placed in different positions from the center to the wall, thanks to the special design that combines the side and the back of the cabinet. Free vent to the imagination: 4 Mariani thinks of a library suited to the needs and tastes of each one with the ability to free interpret the interior spaces by adding shelves, dividers for books and containers. The scrupulous precision and the manufacturing ability typical of the company 4 Mariani emerges from the details in leather, or from elegant black chrome steel and finally by precious woods realized thanks to the ability and experience of the company leader of design “ Made in Italy “ . Elle: a concrete, flexible and elegant product.

Papier collection

Papier is a collection of furnishings complements characterized by essentiality and lightness, obtained thanks to the use of materials and techniques of exclusive production. Papier serves all different interior design situations. As very fine sheets of papers, the edges of saddle leather model themselves perfectly to the shapes of the wood, from the flat surfaces to the bending of the corners. The low cabinet is available in only one dimension cm 230,5 x 48 x 67,5 and is upholstered in saddle leather; typical are the detail of the handle, curved and integrated into the door and the asymmetric vertical black lines that both enhance the lightness and the elegance of the materials. The table available either round nor square presents an important curved base upholstered in saddle leather that copies the pattern of curved paper sheets. The top can be in marble, glass or saddle leather. The chair with a very simple shape, becomes elegant and bourgeois thanks to the soft upholstery, to the covering in leather and to the detail of the metal varnished profiles.


Inspired to a royal beauty and to a name that today is for all an icon of style and elegance, the system of modular seating KATE, will transmit a plain and delicate imagine to the interior design space but at the same time fresh, innovative and versatile. The idea was the one to re‐create a comfortable and elegant product but at the same time contemporary in the lines and essential in the shapes. The seating express extremely lightness and respect to the proportions, as well as in the matching between the high and comfortable seating to the thin arm pads, or as the use of back feet that seem to let float the whole composition in the space, bringing it more ethereal. All these characteristics coexist in perfect equilibrium in the Kate collection, characterized also by the big versatility thanks to the possibility to make different seating‐solutions for each requirements of style and availability of living space. The load–bearing frame is in poplar heartwood with sides in multilayer. The framework is made with CFCfree polyurethane foam, while the back cushions are in feather with polyurethane insert. Coverings are available in fabric or in leather. The feet are in chromed steel.


The model BLADE is available in a many different combinations and finishing all using three main materials:
- Saddle leather (final code CC). The saddle leather, belonging to the other finishing chosen, is applied to melamine coated panels available in the following finishing:
black, linen, white oak or grey oak. In all these cases panels have a thickness variable according to the use.
- Wood (final code ES) similar to oak with finishing available in natural oak or dark brown oak. The wood is always veneered to particleboard panels of variable thickness, in accordance with the use.
- Melamine (final code NO). Available in the version melamine white oak, grey oak or with linen finishing only for the frames of the cabinets. For the drawers and the doors either for the pedestals nor for the high and low cabinets, it is available also the finishing in acid green melamine.
Thanks to the versatile material options Blade suits any office interior design level from the executive to the standard level.


The new collection of sectional sofas CHIMERA, available in different dimensions to satisfy all planning requirements and interior design spaces, is born from the will to realize a contemporary product, but also comfortable and multifunctional. The different elements of the collection are studied in order to always keep a perfect proportion and equilibrium of the shape. The seating and the cushions of different heights are upholstered in leather with apparent seams evidencing the flowing and soft shapes. The possibility to fit shelves or small cabinets in wood fixed to the frame of the sofa, give to the ensemble harmony and dynamism at the same time. The result is a modern and elegant product able to create a dialogue with the space in which it is insert.


This collection deliberately characterized by simple volume and essential lines realized through sophisticated materials and manufacturing includes a series of furnishing elements (low cabinet, writing desk and mirror) in black walnut wood with matt finishing that brings richness and particular elegance either visually nor at the touch. Particularity of the collection is the marble Monaco light with brushed satin finishing that at the light produces an exceptional matter and tridimensional effect. The writing desk is enhanced by insert in marble and holders in saddle leather. The mirror has a drawing typically asymmetric characterized by acute angle creating a particular perspectival effect. The complete set of Materica creates a perfectly harmonic interior design solution.


Manta is a present day interpretation of the classic club armchair, but with a shape strongly characterized and inspired by the magnificent manta ray fish which populates the barrier reef. Thanks to its intentionally simple and elegant lines covered in leather with frame realized in a cold formed polyurethane foam with metal insert, Matteo Nunziati recreated the effect of a smart and soft leather dress that, with its curved and surrounded lines, offers a reassuring hug to whomever would like to sit and relax. Mata suits in contemporary but also classic interior design spaces. Manta exalts not only the technical features of the product, but especially the identity and the strong know-how of leather manufacturing by the company.


Ala is the chaise lounge designed by Arch. Matteo Nunziati for i 4 Mariani, one of the top leader company for the best interior design furniture production. The concept of the new armchair comes from finding the balance between a linear and contemporary design and at the same time stylish and sophisticated. The ergonomic and sinuous line is characterized by the base and the seat with integrated table, composed by two concave and convex curved surfaces, alternating harmoniously thus balancing. The essentiality of the shape is enriched by refined details typical of the tradition of the company who has always focused on quality and careful selection of materials: from the mattress with fine stitching to the straps that hold the headrest, totally exclusive too, with diagonal stitching. The base can be upholstered in saddle leather creating a link with the seat or in black walnut with glossy finish that makes Ala even more rich and elegant.