Director chair in white varnished aluminium frame. Seat and back in Sun or Batyline fabric.


Boomy, the new seat conceived and designed by Matteo Nunziati for CORO, is part of the constant complicity between design and items from everyday life; the novel atmospheres of our external world have been interpreted with class and elegance in the restyling of the deckchair. The project expresses the sophisticated pursuit of shapes, textures and colours that combine contemporary life with fine craftsmanship, to create trendy icons that represent the marriage of beauty and quality. The weave pattern, the lines, the detail, the features: everything makes it possible to create an item that illustrates its concept and that of its designer. The aluminium structure, which is coated with epoxy paint, is in white, while the seat is available in several interchangeable colours and weave patterns, in the new fully recyclable Batyline® fabrics. It comes with a padded headrest cushion.


Sabal, design for Coro one of the top design companies for outdoor furniture. The idea grew from the desire to conceive a product not just as a separate item but in the context of its relationship with the surroundings and multiple functions of the Outdoor living area. SABAL is not just a sofa but a complete seating system where formal and informal seats alternate with small coffee tables. It has been conceived as the focal point for convivial gatherings but also as a corner for relaxation and rest. The wide range of configurations for the seats can satisfy every type of requirement for open spaces, from a private terrace to a large garden, from the public open area of a hotel to a spa or a lounge. The multiple variations in the modular combinations of the sofas are rendered even more extensive and complete thanks to the finishes for the coffee tables which can be requested in marble, glass or Corian® combined with the infinite variety of Coro fabrics for outdoor use, which are offered in matching textures and colours, and whose combinations accommodate the current demands to be able to give free rein to the modern-day passion for relaxation. As a result SABAL can be fashioned and interpreted in a thousand different ways.


Spaces and not spaces of our universe of relax, aesthetic and technologic solutions which are mainly free re-interpretations of giving hospitality. Matteo Nunziati has created his own outdoor scenery; thanks to a neat and essential line he gives voice to furnishing destined to the out-door combining with the prestigious personality of light design. A project of modular seats which distinctive part is made by metal bands going from seat to back. These elements act as support for the objects and, thanks to presence of LED lights tested for the outdoor, they become lighting strips aimed at an elegant and sophisticated connotation of the outdoor spaces. With them, the designer could convey strong feelings of health and livableness, essential base of the philosophy of living the outdoor, but not only as Maze is that comfortable that it is also adapted to satisfy interior design solutions.