Product Design Teuco Mia



Sinuous and uncluttered silhouettes that afford a harmonious taste of simplicity: this is the styling feature of Mia, Teuco’s new bathroom collection designed by Matteo Nunziati. Mia is a complete “total look” bathroom collection that includes two acrylic bathtubs, a wash basin and sanitary fixtures, designed for those who want to fit their bathroom with design pieces at affordable prices. The star of the Mia collection is the oval acrylic bathtub (180×80 cm): soft and enveloping silhouettes, measured out according to meticulous proportions and bending radii that enhance its comfort levels; when fitted in a free-standing configuration, it can lend any setting – from the most spacious to the most confined – a strong personality and a touch of style and uniqueness. The rectangular bathtub in the Mia collection (170×70, 170×75, 180×80 cm) is on the other hand distinguished by more formal geometric shapes, making it beguiling and strikingly simple in appearance and ideal to add design allure to the bathroom. Mia bathtubs can blend functionality with styling skilfully, which makes them perfect for turning the bathroom into a small oasis of relaxation: indeed, they can be fitted with Hydroline Basic, the first ever invisible whirlpool, patented by Teuco. In this solution, the classic jets have been replaced by flush-fit nozzles: six elegant minimalist slits that guarantee superior performance levels and which can also swivel to direct the massage jet to specific parts of the body for maximum massage efficiency. The whirlpool system in Mia bathtubs can also be fitted with the Cromoexperience function (optional) which exploits the stimulating and lenitive properties of the colour spectrum range for total beneficial relaxation. The balanced shapes of the Mia collection is expressed to perfection in the geometric shape of the wash basin. Made of white ceramic (80×50 cm), it is equipped with a removable Vanity Shelf, which can be used as convenient extra storage space. The collection is completed by white ceramic sanitary fixtures, with soft and smooth silhouettes, which are available in the wall-mounted, back-to-wall or one-piece versions. With Mia, Teuco offers the market a design collection which is accessible to all, designed by a famous architect such as Matteo Nunziati, who perfected with Teuco’s Suit collection the bathrooms in the Trump Towers, two ultra-modern luxury 25-storey towers which redefine the skyline of the city of Pune, India.