Bathroom Design - Rapsel Elle



Elle is born from the idea to concentrate in one compact product, bathroom fittings of different functions. A washbasin, a cabinet, a shelf, a towel holder. The washbasin is made of a synthetic material parapan, that is aesthetically, qualitatively and technically high in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and resistance. The wash basin consists of a tub, a side shelf and a leg, which hides all the drainage systems. This solution allows the remaining space to be used completely. At the side of the washbasin we have included a towel holder, which is also in parapan. The central part of the product is characterized by a cabinet that can be freely interpreted, depending on the requirement and costs, drawers, shelves or doors can be inserted. Elle that is fixed on the ground which greatly simplifies installation, avoiding the need for costly lavorations in case of glass partitions or plasterboard. The design that we wanted is simple yet sophisticated, and well researched in terms of details and technical solutions. Elle is perfectly suitable for home and contract interior design solutions.