Fidia collection

The sink and the bathtub designed for Rapsel are inspired by the friezes of the Parthenon of Athens that where realized in the fifth century by the Greek sculptor Phidias. The idea of the dynamic movement of a swaying fabric got translated into a contemporary aesthetic language among the new products for Rapsel. The result is a dynamic form that in the observer’s eye appears always different compared with the observation point. The sink and the bathtub were made of a high-performance innovative solid surface material, perfect for the bathroom ambiance. To obtain a technically flawless result there has been used complex processing with a 5-axis electronic pantograph. The result is an innovative sculptural form but at the same time essential and contemporary.


Elle is born from the idea to concentrate in one compact product, bathroom fittings of different functions. A washbasin, a cabinet, a shelf, a towel holder. The washbasin is made of a synthetic material parapan, that is aesthetically, qualitatively and technically high in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and resistance. The wash basin consists of a tub, a side shelf and a leg, which hides all the drainage systems. This solution allows the remaining space to be used completely. At the side of the washbasin we have included a towel holder, which is also in parapan. The central part of the product is characterized by a cabinet that can be freely interpreted, depending on the requirement and costs, drawers, shelves or doors can be inserted. Elle that is fixed on the ground which greatly simplifies installation, avoiding the need for costly lavorations in case of glass partitions or plasterboard. The design that we wanted is simple yet sophisticated, and well researched in terms of details and technical solutions. Elle is perfectly suitable for home and contract interior design solutions.


To find a design for this washbasin we imagined to play with papers; while folding and cutting a paper we tried to find a three dimensional shape which contains the lightness and elegance of a slab, likely the oriental discipline Origami. To transform this drawing into a product, Rapsel used “Nikron”, an innovative material which can be worked by slabs with the possibility of choosing within a wide range of colours. “Nami” can be inserted into one plane or simply be fixed on the wall. The two planes of 20cm on each side of the basin were thought as resting planes. The product becomes integrated in the vanity top, solving space limit problems and additional costs. The innovative technical and aesthetic characteristics of this washbasin are perfectly suitable for home and contract interior design solutions.
Dimension: L.110/90 x W.50 x H.14 (cm)


“Yume” is an integrated solution to concentrate into one single piece, a washbasin, a resting plane, a space to contain towels, and a litter. All those elements you can find in bathrooms of lobbies in big hotels, restaurants or in lounge bar, simply separated. We wanted to create a single piece playing with full and empty for the aesthetics, inspired freely by the rational abstraction of the first 900 (De Stijl, Neoclassicism, avanguardie russe). Also for “Yume” Rapsel used “Nikron” for the technical characteristics and the wide range of colours. Yume is perfectly suitable for home and contract interior design solutions.
Dimension: L.90 x W.40 x H.50 (cm)