Since its inception the Schiavon brand has been renowned for premium aesthetic development, skilled workmanship and technological innovation. Over the years the company has constantly evolved and perfected its creations, anticipating design trends with an international approach to product development whilst maintaining its distinct identity and values. Today, Schiavon, top Italian interior design brand, is a dynamic, well-structured company that can readily adapt to market changes and customers' needs while still offering the same reliability and expertise that has always distinguished its history. Now, as in the past, it takes pride in affixing its brand name on every item it produces. Each individual object created by Schiavon exemplifies beauty, fine taste and authenticity resulting from precision workmanship, of which a major part is carried out by hand. Absolute attention to detail, maximum commitment to customer needs, and the highest consideration for all its business partners have made Schiavon renowned and appreciated as one of the finest interpreters and custodians of Italian silversmithing traditions. The Schiavon products are being selected for the best interior design projects worldwide.