January 2020

Conference Assolombarda by Matrix4Design – Milano on Tuesday 21 January 2020

Facing an increasingly competitive international market, what are the strategies to overcome the new global challenges of the project? How can unprecedented forms of collaboration between designers and entrepreneurs be developed, developing synergies able to export the Italian approach to living internationally?
We want to answer these and other questions about the future of Italian design on the occasion of the talk. Architects and companies: designing in synergy to win the challenge of competition, a moment of reflection and comparison that will feature Matteo Nunziati.

The talk, presented by Matrix4Design in collaboration with Assolombarda, will be held on Tuesday 21 January 2020 from 16.00 to 17.30 in the Sala Erba of the Assolombarda headquarters in Via Chiaravalle 8 in Milan.

The General Confederation of Italian Industry, also known as Confindustria, is the main representative organization of Italian manufacturing and service companies, grouping over 150,000 companies on a voluntary basis. Assolombarda is the industrial association of the provinces of Milan, Lodi and Monza and Brianza. In terms of size and representation, it is the most important association of the whole Confindustria system.

https://www.matrix4design.com/it/architettura/architetti-e-aziende-progettare-in-sinergia-il-talk-di-assolombarda-e-matrix4design-per-rispondere-alle-sfide-del-mercato- global

December 2019

DDN Magazine – Contemporary Classicism – the conversation at FIMI Milan

Read the article about the Conversation of Matteo Nunziati at the FIMI Forum 2019 in Milan.

contemporary classicism in Design  

contemporary classicism in Interior Design


December 2019

Il dialogo di Matteo Nunziati al FIMI 2019

interior design in India and Italy

Matteo Nunziat è stato inviato per dialogare al Forum Internazionalizzazione del Made in Italy, l’appuntamento annuale di Messe Frankfurt Italia. India e Made in Italy. Tecnologia e design in una nuova prospettiva di mercato.

L’ottava edizione di FIMI, Forum per l’internazionalizzazione del Made in Italy, si è svolta a Milano martedì 10 dicembre 2019, in collaborazione con DDN. L’evento dal titolo “India e Made in Italy. Tecnologia e design in una nuova prospettiva di mercato” ha presentato nella mattinata di lavori un focus territoriale con approfondimenti dedicati al consumatore indiano, al mercato retail e alle opportunità per il settore contract nel Paese.

September 2019

Matteo Nunziati meets Donald Trump Jr in New York City

A friendly and professional meeting at the prestigous Trump Towers in 5th Avenue in NYC with Donald Trump Jr. to discuss the ongoing and future projects with the Trump Organization.

meeting Donald Trump Junior

June 2019

DDN – Matteo Nunziati for Flou-Natevo

milan design week