Matteo Nunziati collaborates with leading international brands in the hospitality industry, Trump, Park Hyatt, Radisson, Fraser Suites, Boscolo Hotels, and others. To achieve a top interior design project, Matteo Nunziati seeks the balance between the different aspects that characterize the development of a hotel, like the aesthetic, technical and economic aspects. In particular, the idea is to study the spaces that have the characteristics of a cozy home, but at the same time they can amaze involving people in a thrilling, unique and unrepeatable experience of architecture and interior design.

Fraser Suite
Doha, Qatar


Matteo Nunziati produces two types of residential interior design projects. The first sector is related to commercial residential projects, such as an apartment or a villa that are realized in multiple (Studio, One Bed, Two Bed Penthouse, Villa) inside a building or in the context of a master plan. The second is related to private top architecture and the best interior design projects made with the highest quality standards for carefully selected clients.

Private Villa San Marino
San Marino
Makkah Residential Master Plan
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Housing Complex
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Private Villa
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Master Plan

Designing a master plan is extremely complex because numerous skills are required. The approach of Matteo Nunziati is a seamless integration between the large scale and small scale projects, in architecture and interior design, until he reaches a planning definition of every single detail. In this way you imagine an entire neighborhood, for example, thinking of the individual buildings to the distribution and the internal functions of each room. In this way we plan and build a city around a person, around his existential needs, responding to the necessity of beauty and happiness that everyone possesses which is the key to the success of any architecture and top interior design project.

Makkah Mixed Use Master Plan
Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Rayadah Housing Complex
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Hohhot Mongolia
Hohhot, Mongolia